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Property acquisition

Residential & Commercial Investment 

We are experts in property investment and portfolio results. The reason people invest is not to own a piece of real estate but to own a cash flow that replaces their income. The amateur investors we see get taken in by glossy marketing packages, rental guarantees, two tier marketing, mining town booms etc and drastically miss their goal of income replacement. The professionals are radically different as they know making a mistake in the wrong property takes many years off their plan as it's simply too dam expensive when you stuff it up.

The real problem is that most people don't know they have stuffed it up and so it goes unrecognized for many years or they simply don't want to face this truth and admit it. Whether this is true or not, what is true, is that most people will never get to the outcome of $100,000 passive income a year, and that’s a fact. 


In order to get to this outcome we provide our clients with strategies that work and property acquisitions that fit into their personalised plan. To deliver this it requires in depth knowledge of portfolio financing (assuming you have or plan to soon retire), leveraged investment strategies and urban economics that depicts trends in how we live, how we travel to work, if we travel to work, and technologies that could change all of those...  This may sound quite technical but what if the price of petrol went to $10.00 a litre, how may that change the way we travel? How would that affect the choices we make about where we want to live, and what areas would benefit from this and which ones would suffer.

At the moment there are many companies that are promoting shared office space to their employees and cloud technologies that allow them to work from home 2/3 days a week, would that change your preference about living close to the city?  Did you know our immigration policy is bringing in circa 80,000 - 100,000 thousand skilled workers a year who are either accountants or nurses and are mid 30's with 2 kids on average. If you just moved to a new country where would you want to live? Although these trends are macro it makes an enormous difference to portfolios compounding performance and effectively how long you need to supplement your portfolio with income. 


Although some properties can be great performers with lower risk, to be frank, it’s only a select amount of property types and locations that get the great results. The reason we know this is because we have done 30 + year, detailed research on the average growth rates within different suburbs, property types and our own unique mapping system using psychology. In other words a property located on the beach will perform very differently to a property 200 metres back from the beach. The reason is that they are most likely to be different types of people. Incorporating the world famous 'Maslow's hierarchy of needs' we identified and mapped 5 different people types and researched their performance over our last 3 recessions and subsequent booms. The results were a completely new and unique form of property intelligence and it gave us incredible insights into further strategies on how to increase property performance and manage risk even further! 


Given our unique intelligence and strategies our client base consists of well known property figures, business owners and executives who all want the best performing portfolio they can afford without getting hit with the many obstacles and myths this rather colourful industry has formed itself to be.

Portfolio Review

Kingprop offers a free portfolio review and consultation where we revisit your portfolio goals and see how your specific properties are tracking. We will make comments as to the future performance of that asset type and its specific locational attributes including its planning objectives, height limits, heritage restrictions, demographic trends, opportunities and if needed some tips to increase performance.  Feel confident that you will have independent honesty and the needed assistance to help you reach your goals. 

Property, finance and strategy 

Development Investment & Management

With circa $57 million dollars worth of projects under our belt we consider ourselves experienced in real estate development. We offer the ability to partner with us through either land contribution, equity or superannuation to maximise performance on your investment. We carefully consider all the development risk, community needs and urban trends in order to deliver successful projects. This is often a great choice for adding properties to your portfolio because you can keep your development profits within to ensure your adding a positive cash flow asset to your portfolio. 


If you’re interested in being informed when opportunities present themselves please email for registration.

Superannuation & property syndicates


 Development, Residential & Commercial 

We provide a number of valuation services to clients that include certified valuations for residential and commercial properties. We also provide strategic property advice to land holders including private clubs, organizations and governments that are considering their deliberations with complicated real estate assets. Often we are asked to perform feasibility studies on land holdings identifying the most practical designs and construction estimates or strategies / subdivision exercises before offering the property to market. 


If your organisation wishes to discuss how it can maximize its real estate holdings and deliberations please contact us for a free consultation. 


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